Keşfetmeye Hazır mısın?

What is quup

quup, implemented by Turkish entrepreneurs in a new and dynamic social networking platform. Content is very rich. Because, just like in the other social media platforms does not host content created by users. quup'ta, content editors and by quupBot many web site, online newspapers and news portals, blogs and other mediums compiled and presented in a real-time manner, there are channels that can appeal to everyone. quup'a as a member, you can find friends with common interests kafadengi horizon, and you can easily create your own friends.

Easily and quickly share

Sending quup into a new, photography, video embedded in content, or add a different address. quup thick with Markdown, italic, and underline the basic text also allows modeling of your. Comments of these features can also be used. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Yahoo Video, such as applause Live services be able to share your content to be embedded. The only thing you need to do is enter the address of the content, and the rest takes care of quup;)

Discover new things with Channels

The contents of many online sources are compiled with care by quup quupBot editors and subscribe to channels. Customized specifically to its own channel flow columns, articles, blog posts, comments, videos and you can easily reach thousands of online content. Broadcast channels that you are subscribed to the contents or subscribe to his friends and like, share, add favorites, and you can write reviews on them. Like and / or content sharing that channel, you can add your own quup flow automatically.

quup Where are you in there!

quup 's no need to be at a computer to use. All shares that make your mobile device, you can interact with your friends and other quup use properties. Android operating system for mobile devices, quup Mobile application free download and start using it. quup, browser on a tablet or smart phone, mobile version. Lighter and faster than the mobile version.